Friday, August 14, 2009


Welcome to the Kansas City IT Collaboration Wins blog presented by the International Association of Microsoft Certified Partners (IAMCP) Kansas City chapter.

You can expect to see the following content in this blog:

  • IAMCP member success stories: successful implementations, new client announcements, etc.
  • Client success stories: increased revenue/productivity due to an IAMCP member project
Collaboration Wins

  • Local IT companies working together to close business they couldn't close separately
  • Collaborative project white papers
We hope to showcase here the real value of IT collaboration for the Kansas City IT community. When we work together we can tackle bigger and more profitable projects than when we do not. Collaboration is becoming an important part of doing business in IT due to the increasing specialization required to be a true expert in a particular field.

Remember the old phrase "Jack of all trades, Master of none"? With strategic IT partners you simply collaborate and specialize.

Again, welcome to the Kansas City IT Collaboration Wins blog. We hope to have some of our partnering and client wins up soon!

Scott Cameron
IAMCP-KC Chapter Vice President